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Dove Evolution: Changing How to Look at Beauty in Advertisements

Dove’s “Evolution” ad shows the progression and look of a model going through hair, makeup, and Photoshop.

At first I thought it was showing an actual “dove” model, until I realized that dove was the client and it showed how others in the beauty distort images.

This ad differentiates and sets Dove apart from others in the industry.

It says, “That is them, this is us”

As a teenager, and even now, I can admit that I mostly likely have a distorted image of beauty.

As you may have read in my Victoria’s Secret post, I desperately want to look beautiful like the models. Whether they are photoshoped or not, I would love to look like that.

I’ve struggled for years with my self image and weight. From overweight, to underweight, to somehwhat inbetween, I’ve never felt satisfied with who I am.

I know I am not alone. This advertisement almost feels more like a public service announcement for self-esteem.


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