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DVDs: Blockbuster vs Netflix vs RedBox

As technology is rapidly changing, so are the ways we rent movies.

In my community, I believe the leaders of the pack are: Blockbuster, Netflix, and Redbox.

Here is what I like / don’t like about each of these products and brands:



Wide variety of movies

Older movies and newer movies

Most* rentals are 99c per night

Snacks available near checkout

Requires driving farther to actual Blockbuster store

Less stores available

Due to amount of driving, we personally receive more late fees

New releases 2.99+ a night

Not always open (closes at 10 or 12pm)



Always open

1$ a night

Many easy locations (McDonalds, 711, RiteAide, Walgreens, Albertsons…+ many more)

Outdoor locations never close (=less late fees)

Quick and easy, sometimes you can stay inside car

the wait/ lines

only new releases

disks are often scratched

often out of stock



you don’t have to leave your house at all

cheap and unlimited (8-10$ month)

widest variety of movies

can steam from gaming systems

TV shows also available

no late fees

unless streamed from gaming systems, one must wait for mailing

monthly fee, not per rental (could be a bonus depending on your level of movie watching)

no snacks since it is ordered at home

I think if the clients paid attention to their strengths vs weaknesses, it would be even more competitive.

Here is an info graphic on rentals:

Due to my love of old Disney films, we often use Blockbuster as our product of choice.

Redbox, we use when we are in a rush or want to see a new release

Netflix is never used. Now that we having a gaming system, we might use it more. However, the mail-in DVD is just not going to happen. We make movie decisions on a “spur-of-the-moment” basis. Waiting a few days would not work for our household. 


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