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Early iPhone Ads: Still Revolutionary

Apple is constantly focusing on revolution, product growth, and amazing their customers.

I think in my generation, the most shocking was when the original first iPhone came out.

I remember it perfectly: I walked into an at&t store with my grandpa to ask a question about the bill.

I saw the iPhone display. It looked a bit like this:

Large, clunky, and white.

My grandpa started playing with it, too! I was entranced with the machine and it consumed all of my attention. (things still haven’t changed)

As I looked up for a quick moment, my grandpa said, “pick out a case.”

I still will never forget that moment. I was the first kid in the entire school (at least I thought so) to have the first iPhone just weeks before it came out.

I didn’t really have any idea how to use it, but it sure was cool to show off to my friends.

I think what made the purchase happen was that my grandpa saw how easy it was to use. He saw how much I enjoyed the display. He saw how I couldn’t take my hands off it.

Nothing has changed. I still have an iphone and I still can’t seem to get away from it. Even more so now that it has been developed further.

Below is one of the first iPhone Ad’s aired.

My grandfather had seen it, but I saw the actual product first before any of the Ads.


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