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Rihanna’s Instragram… Good or Bad PR?

Rihanna is an Instagram fanatic, at least compaired to other artists (like Justin Timberlake and Shia Lebeof, who never posts on instagram).

Rihanna posts many of her Instagram photos on twitter and are relayed all throughout the web (facebook to tumblr, to google, etc)

But is this good?

Here are the pros:

Fans get to see her everyday, less-candid lifestyle

Her face is out and buzz is created

Gives live inside information on her newest events and personal updates

It makes you laugh with her funny jokes and personality

The Cons…

Risky pictures posted (the BIGGEST con)

Drug-use and 21+ activities exposed to young audience

Puts Rihanna in a bad light on some content

Curse words and judgemental content

Here are some of the most recent shocking images on Rihanna’s Instagram account:



I am not here to hate on Rihanna, since I am one of her biggest fans, but I don’t think those that view her as a role model would appreciate many of these images.


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