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My WireFrame Experience

As I have not spent time using an iPad, I struggled to make a wireframe layout for this particular product. For my gateway class, I am creating a layout for … Continue reading

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DVDs: Blockbuster vs Netflix vs RedBox

As technology is rapidly changing, so are the ways we rent movies. In my community, I believe the leaders of the pack are: Blockbuster, Netflix, and Redbox. Here is what … Continue reading

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Early iPhone Ads: Still Revolutionary

Apple is constantly focusing on revolution, product growth, and amazing their customers. I think in my generation, the most shocking was when the original first iPhone came out. I remember … Continue reading

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Dove Evolution: Changing How to Look at Beauty in Advertisements

Dove’s “Evolution” ad shows the progression and look of a model going through hair, makeup, and Photoshop. At first I thought it was showing an actual “dove” model, until I … Continue reading

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The Name

Using a great sports name without paying the higher budget for the actual player! Awesome.   I love the idea of this spot. Many of us can relate when we … Continue reading

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Rihanna’s Instragram… Good or Bad PR?

Rihanna is an Instagram fanatic, at least compaired to other artists (like Justin Timberlake and Shia Lebeof, who never posts on instagram). Rihanna posts many of her Instagram photos on … Continue reading

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Teen Vogue Goes TUMBLR

Within the last year or so, Teen Vogue has been connected to their fashion forward subcribers via tumblr. According to wiki, Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to … Continue reading

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